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Image Resize - 写真のサイズ変更の順位推移表



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"Image Resize" is an easy tool which allows you to change the size of your images. This tool offers you a lot of great functions to measure the size of your picture perfectly.

All prevalent images will be supported
No matter which file you want to convert (JPEG, PNG or GIF), all types of images will be supported

Album images
Choose your images directly from your album and adapt the size in any order. The original data won't be changed.

Multi Resize
Choose multiple photos and resize them in one step

Offer a powerful, full-featured image editing UI component that allows your users to edit their photos right within your app with tons of great content and tools such as: Stunning effects and frames, original high-quality stickers, beautiful overlays, fun features like tilt shift and color splash, pro-level adjustments, color tools and many more

Take a new picture
It's also possible, to take a new photo and change its size.

Remote web link
With the remote web link function, you are able to save an image directly from the internet into your App to change it in there.

Define the size individually
You are able to change the image to every pixel. If you enter one new width, the image will be matched proportional to the new size.

Zoom crop
The zoom crop function allows you to make a perfect square out of your image. You are able to define the size of the square of course.

all of your changed images will be stored in the app. So, you've got a great overview over your changed images and you are able to use these furthermore.

Save into your photo album
Your adapted pictures will be saved in the App. But with one click, you are able to save your image into your album.

Send as an e-mail
You are able to send your created images directly from our app via email to you or any other person.

Can be used offline
The adaption of your images happens completely offline! So, you don't need any access to the internet to use the App in its full entirety.