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It's easy-to-use but powerfull photo enhancement app. It can really adjust your dark or bad exposed photos. Unlike many other photo edit apps, Photo Adjust uses local area image processing algorithm. So this smart algorithm can correct a photo even if only part of the photo is dark or overexposed. So it can make HDR-like photos.

Pro version of Photo Adjust contains useful postprocessing tools: saturation (vibrancy), noise reduction and sharp.

Main features:
* A local area image processing algorithm implemented in this app. So this smart algorithm can adjust a photo even if only part of the photo is dark or overexposed.
* 3 main parameters are available for manual setup of smart algorithm: average brightness, local contrast, detail level.
* 3 useful postprocessing tools in Pro version: saturation, denoise, sharp.
* Easy to compare photo with its original - just tap on the photo or near it to see the original.
* Easy photo switching - just swipe from screen edge to select next or previous photo.

None Pro version limits:
- pro-tools are not saved