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Olga Smith BATCS Limited
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American Accent Toolkit is based on bestselling books in the series "Get Rid of your Accent", which is a phenomenon. Actors, lawyers, brokers, businessmen, and diplomats have flourished with our help.

"As a diplomat I need effective communication skills, particularly to address public audiences through radio and TV. A clear, crisp accent is always more convincing than a thick, foreign one. I am reading this book and I think it is immensely useful for foreigners like myself." Samuel Moncada, Venezuelan Ambassador to the UK

"Clearly, the authors of the book have collected years of experience and expertise to create this practical and effective tool for speech study." Joe Windley, Head of Speech, Central School of Speech and Drama, London

Now with this toolkit you can get the best of our amazing lessons in one easy-to-use app that goes everywhere with you. Hear the sounds; see how to make them; practice; and watch your career, education, and social life blossom.

App Contents and Functionality

American Accent Toolkit is the General American English Pronunciation Course at your fingertips, ideal for self-study. It contains 44 audio lessons.

The lessons cover all English sounds needed to master General American Accent. Each lesson begins with an illustrated description of the speech organ position, followed by practical exercises. The exercises consist of words, amusing sentences, tongue twisters, and verses, taken from literature and conversational English. All exercises are recorded on audio tracks that illustrate the model pronunciation. Students can play audio tracks, record themselves, and compare their pronunciation with the model.

This app will help you to:

• Neutralise your accent within 1-3 months
• Make your English clear and easy to understand
• Become a better communicator and public speaker
• Increase your personal confidence and overall image
• Improve your job prospects