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Tae ho Lee
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An AI-powered text info recognization camera app, Memo Camera enables accurately detecting and then extracting/saving every important information such as phone numbers, currency, barcodes, addresses, dates or URLs nearby with your camera, or via pictures already saved in Photos.

And then you can make a call, open maps, navigate websites even search flights, and save them all as the contacts or raw text.

Detectable formats and supported actions:

• Phone Number - Save or numbers or convert into iOS contacts.
• E-Mail Address - Send a message.
• Address - Open on map
• Date - Save as an event into the Calendar.
• URL - Open with Browser.
• Flight Number - Search for flights with detected numbers.
• Plain Text - Translate Your Whole Text
• Barcode - Search with A Product Code
• Currencies - Find national currencies and some popular cryptocurrencies in the picture. And then search exchange rate.
- USD, EUR, Korean WON, Japanese YEN

We will append and support another currency continually!

Technical features:

• 100% offline work with latest machine learning technology.
• Optimized parallel processing for multi-core CPUs.
• Auto-detection bot: Automatically choosing items contained text info while scrolling photo album.
• Support basic handwriting text.

iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts

"Hey, Siri,"
• "Capture All Text."
• "Capture Actions To Do."
• "Auto Detect on Albums."

Many shortcuts and extendable actions are continuously going to be updated!