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Mariam-Sena Haile
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Injera. Goursha. Buna. Jebena. If these things have a special place in your heart, then download this emoji keyboard and sticker pack today! :) deseta emojis include a whopping 220+ beautifully designed stickers - 146 melanin-rich “faces” (73 male, 73 female), and 83 “things” - that will take your text messages to the next level.
deseta: [deh-seh-ta]: n. an emotion. how you feel when something puts a smile on your face. from amharic, one of the many languages spoken in ethiopia

Q: So how does this cool looking app work??

deseta emojis work in 3 different ways:
1.) a Sticker Pack that you can use while you are in iMessages
2.) a Keyboard that you can use in multiple messaging apps, including Whatsapp, Viber, and Facebook. (Note that these are the apps that the keyboard works best with. As messaging apps keep evolving and new platforms keep getting introduced - such as Snapchat, Fitbit - we will continue to release new versions that will work with them as well)
3.) a Standalone app that can send the emojis through multiple platforms via the app itself

Once you have downloaded the app, you will see step-by-step instructions that will guide you through the installation process. You can always find these instructions again at any time in the settings of the app itself, when you open it up on your home screen. Note that when you use these emojis/stickers, they will be added as an image to your message, and not as inline emojis that are embedded into your text.

Q: Wait a minute...why am I being told to allow the deseta emojis keybaord full access to my phone??

PLEASE NOTE: Apple allows 3rd party keyboard apps full access to the phone in order for the copy and paste function of the emojis to work. Although full access is required, we will NEVER access any data for any reason at any time.

Q: Got it! Is there anything else I need to know?

yes. deseta emojis was created by deseta design, and developed by AntenehSeifu. These emojis are copyright protected, and are strictly intended for messaging purposes only. Any other use, including downloading and repurposing/reusing for printing, selling, and incorporating into a new product, is strictly prohibited without prior consent. Please respect the artist! :)

(Currently, this keyboard app is available for iPhones only. Our Android app launching soon!)