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Create collages in AppForType, bring together photos, fonts, images and textures. We've added more than 10 new sets with photos and images: flowers, watercolor splashes, geometric figures and textures for the background.

Add text to your photos. AppForType offers 750 writings for bloggers, travellers and lovers, as well as 54 fonts with half of them supporting the Cyrillic script. Our collection is constantly updated.

You can take a photo of your own writing and add it to the app: calligraphy, images, even wall graffiti. Make your own set. Don't buy it until you try it: first new images are free of charge.

Share your results directly in your Instagram feed or Stories.

Artists from the USA, Canada and Russia cooperate with AppForType and expand collection of texts and fonts. To get inspiration and new ideas follow our profile on instagram @appfortype, and also post pictures with #appfortype hashtag. For feedback and suggestions please contact us on

Sets available in the application shop: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Hello Spring, For Moms, Wedding, Motivation, Sport, Morning, Girl Power, Let’s Celebrate, For Makers, Cities, Brushes, Tea Time, Travel, Happy Monday, Coffee, Saint Petersburg, Cities of Russia, Unicorn, Love, Meow, Dream, Food is Love, Start Now, Home Sweet Home, Happy St Valentine, Happy 2017, Yoga, New Year 2018, Halloween, Surfing, Bloggers’, It’s my dog, Arrows, Bubbles, World Cup