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Tony Roden
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Slide Guitar is a great instrument to learn to play. This app contains Over 200 easy to follow video lessons and songs all related to the Slide Guitar.

The app has many easy to use features:

Take The Guided Tour to see how you can...

*** play the lessons
*** alter the lesson title
*** alter the lesson description
*** add your own user notes
*** give your own rating to each lesson
*** skip backwards and forwards between the lesson groups

Lessons are too numerous to list but include:
Matt Smith Gives A Lesson On Opening Tuning
Matt Smith Gives A Killer Slide Guitar Lesson - Part 1
Matt Smith Gives A Killer Slide Guitar Lesson - Part 2
Matt Smith Gives A Lesson On Forgotten Licks.
Matt Smiths Theory on the Origins of Slide Guitar.
Sonny Landreth Slide Lesson 1
Sonny Landreth Slide Lesson 2
Sonny Landreth Slide Lesson 3
Sonny Landreth Slide Lesson 4
Sonny Landreth - The Ultimate Slide Guitar Lesson
Sonny Landreths Slide Supernatural Blues - Introduction
Slide Supernatural - Intro - Sonny Landreth
Sonny Landreth Guitar Lesson - 6 - Slide Supernatural
Sonny Landreth Guitar Lesson - 13 - Slide Supernatural
Sonny Landreth Guitar Lesson - 17 - Slide Supernatural
Sonny Landreth Guitar Lesson - 40 - Slide Supernatural
In Deep with Andy Aledort - How to Play Slide Guitar in Open G
Rig Rundown - Sonny Landreth
Sonny Landreth Plays Solo Song Backstage
Sonny Landreth Colin Linden and Steve Dawson Sleep Walk
Sleepwalk Guitar Lesson Simple by Uncle Raggy
1 6m 4 5 Chords with Sleep Walk intro by Uncle Raggy
Sleepwalk Acoustic Guitar Only by Uncle Raggy Cover
Slide Blues Guitar Lesson - 12 Firebird Blues - Sonny Landreth
Slide Guitar at its best absolutely beautiful song
Small Tube Amp Build Start To Finish
tips for slide in open G
The Basics of Bottleneck Slide
Guitar Technique Slide Guitar Basics 1 - Guitar Lesson TE-80 - Justin Guitar
How to Not Suck at Slide Guitar TB113
Slide guitar blues solo in open G tuning - SL001
Roy Rogers slide guitar - The Sky Is Crying
Roy Rogers slide guitar - Outro Slide Instrumental
Roy Rogers slide guitar - Look Over Yonders Wall
Roy Rogers- Devil Got My Woman
Crazy Bottleneck Slide Guitar
Piedmont Blues North Carolina Style 2013 Documental
Rev Peyton teaching finger style guitar - Part 2
Delta blues slide lessonwmv
Resonator Guitar improvisation - Todd Pritchard
Acoustic Delta Blues guitar lesson John Lee Hooker style boogie on resonator
Eric Sardinas Slide Blues Force
Amistar singlecone resonator guitar Open C tuning
Republic Resonator Guitars Sound Samples for 5 Models bottleneck slide delta blues
Feelin Bad Blues - Ry Cooder cover Busker Delta Resonator Guitar Blue Diamond Bottleneck
Delta Blues Slide Guitar Instrumental in Open G Blue Paloma
Crossroad blues on dobro
How to select a Resonator Guitar and Bottleneck Slide for Blues
Blues Slide Guitar Tuning - Open G Tuning for Slide Guitar and basic lesson
Resonator Guitar Comparison - Vintage Wooden Steel
Slide Guitar Lesson - 1 Open D with Resonator - Richard Gilewitz
Republic Tricone Resonator open D tuning slide guitar Amazing Grace
Michael Messer Resonator Guitars Slide Show
Roy Rogers - Blues On The Range Audio Only
Parlor size resonator guitar - Standard tuning demo jam
Blues Guitar Documentary - Busking The Blues Starring Keni Lee Burgess
Best Blues Busker in the world
robert johnsondelta style blues slide guitar open G tuning on tricone
Its just too bad by Barbeque Bob
County farm blues by Son House you got to reap what you sow by Tampa Red
Bumble Bee Blues by Tampa Red
Jimi Hendrix Red House - Republic Parlor Highway 61 Resonator Guitars
and more