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Yalamanchi Srikanth Reddy
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「Kml to Kmz-Kmz to Kml app」関連アプリ


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Kml to Kmz-Kmz to Kml-Kml and Kmz Viewer-Kml and Kmz Converter(All in one) is an application provides you to load the kml or kmz files, convert and create kml or kmz files over the map.

KML and KMZ are file extension for a placemark file used by Google Earth.
The KML and KMZ files specifies a set of features (placemarks, images, polygons, 3D models, textual descriptions, overlays, icons, etc.) for display in Here on Map.

This app works for offline and online.

1)How to Import .kml or .kmz files into Application?

You can view, add or import .kml or .kmz files into the application in multiple ways

—>Keep the .kml or .kmz files to the mail, then long press on kml/kmz file from mail that shows the application to import the file over the map.

—>Share files from other apps which will be similarly supported files like Email,WhatsApp,Add to Notes,Add to iCloud Drive,Save to files and other apps.

—>Click on “Add through link” Icon on Menu bar enter .kml or .kmz files link to add the files into the application.

—>Connect your iPhone or iPad to System then iTunes will automatically opens an window.Click phone symbol on top left—>File Sharing and you can see the Kml-Kmz app then click on app icon to add .kml or .kmz files

2)How to create kml/kmz Markers?

—>Long press on map to add markers.

—>You can Convert the kml/kmz with userDefined Names.

—>After successfully saving the file will be stored in list.

—>You can again load the saved kml/kmz file over the map.

—>You can send the kml/kmz file through mail.

3)How to Convert kml to kmz and kmz to kml file?

—>In the List section select kml file, then it will shows popup to Convert KML to KMZ file.

—>If you select kmz file, then it will shows popup to Convert KMZ to KML file.

—>While Converting the files you have choice to keep Existing file Name or Rename the file.

—>After Successfully Converting the file is added in the list Section.

—>Conversion of kml or kmz files are accurate,identical,simple without any Modification to actual data.

4)How to get updated kml/kmz file in list section?

—>Swipe the list to the down to refresh.

—>The New added files will be updated here.

5)How to delete the kml/kmz file?

—>In the list section, swipe left to delete file.The file will be permanently deleted from the application.

6)How to See marker details?

—>load kml/kmz file on map.If the file contains markers, then tap on the marker to see the detail description of marker like Description,email id, url links,phone numbers,Images,Web site page.

—>Connect to Internet to open the url links,web pages,Images from Description page.

1)This app contains Rich UserInterface.

2)This app contains less labels on map, and more on Menu bar.This helps user easy interaction on Map.

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