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Take your saxophone playing to the next level.
20 Saxophone Tricks Of The Trade will provide you with plenty of resources to land your next gig. Use your new hot licks to impress fellow musicians, family and friends and promote your music career!

Award winner saxophonist Mario Cerra (Boston, USA) will explain and demonstrate 20 musical elements that you can easily incorporate to your playing.

The application contains video tutorials and demonstrations, PDF files with transcriptions and practice charts, audio tracks for practice and much more.
From saxophone technique to improvisation, multiphonics, effects and articulation, this app will keep you busy for a long time. Options include all PDF files and audio tracks needed for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, as well as videos and demonstrations in English and Spanish.

Learn how to growl, bend notes, rhythmic displacements, sophisticated ways to use pentatonic and blues scales and much, much more.

Here’s a complete list of topics in this app:

1- Lester: Using overtones to create a variety of tonal colors
2- Mix Them Up: Using overtones to create a variety of colors
3- Side D: Three different fingerings for the middle D
4- Dexter: Effect for Bb-G trill
5- John’s way: Example of multiphonics
6- The Wolf: How to make your horn growl
7- Slide: Glissando, or bending notes
8- Ghosts: Ghosting and accenting notes for great articulation
9- The “Cannon” Effect: Great combination of trills
10- S-S-P: Skip-Step concept on pentatonic scale
11- S-S-B: Skip-Step concept on blues scale
12- Jazz it up: How to produce an essential accent in jazz
13- Tension: Using a pentatonic scale on altered dominant chords
14- Release: Using a pentatonic scale on Maj 7th chords
15- Blues and Motives: Creating strong motives within the blues scale
16- Four and One: Playing four consecutive 8th notes and one 8th rest
17- Three on Four: Rhythmic displacement: 3/4 over 4/4
18- Five on Four: Rhythmic displacement: 5/4 over 4/4
19- Flashy: Bend and trill
20- Pure Expression: How to practice vibrato