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Cellar 2 is the new and improved to manage your wine collection. It's not just a bland list of names and vintages - it looks and feels like a proper cellar! Browsing your wine collection is like looking at the real thing.

Try it out with our free trial, and then purchase the full version from within the application. After the free trial period finishes, if you choose not to purchase the full version, then Cellar 2 will switch to read-only mode.

Customize each bottle based on:

• shape of bottle - including the Bocksbeutel!
• colour of glass - enjoy new custom colours!
• wine label - support for circular labels!
• bottle top

Add information about each one, such as:

• Wine Producer
• Vintage
• Grape (including blends)
• Name
• Region
• Type
• Price
• Personal notes
• Pairings
• Drink from and by…
• Personal star rating
• 100 pt wine scores

Cellar 2 is more than just a Cellar. It's a Garage, Wishlist and Trash as well! Finished a bottle? Move it to the Garage for future reference if you enjoyed it. Didn't like it? Move it to the Trash, where you can locate it later if required. What about wine that you've been recommended or tasted in a restaurant? Enter it straight into your Wishlist and then move it to the Cellar when you eventually purchase it.

List mode
If you want to see your wines in a more conventional list, you can easily do so by tapping the list option in the menus.

Search and Sort
You can search for wine based on any of the data you've entered, as well as sort your entire collection based on: Type, Region, Vintage, Price or Rating. Search and Sort are available in both cellar and list modes too!

Worried about losing all that info you've entered? You can now share your backups using native iOS sharing facilities, and the same popular merge option is available to avoid duplicating bottles between devices.

Sharing individual bottles
Don't just email your bottles to your friends - share them! You share the bottle itself and not just some info about it. Your friends receive a link that they can either import into their own copy of Cellar 2 or review on a webpage. If they import it, the whole bottle is downloaded into their Cellar, shape, glass colour, label image, notes and all!

Other features
• Statistics on your wine collection
• Quick menus for fast data entry in tasting notes
• Popups for grape varieties, producers, etc.

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