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Christoph Matzka
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Moodistory is a powerful low-effort mood and habit tracker with a unique and beautiful design. Create journal entries in less than 5 seconds, without writing a single word. Find mood patterns, identify triggers and establish awareness about your mental health.


Moodistory is your personal mood tracker/mood diary/mood journal - your tool to improve and foster your mental health, happiness, and well-being.
Keeping a mood journal can be an exhausting and tiresome task but Moodistory makes it easy, fun and motivating every day. Find out more about yourself and get insights into your mood patterns that will surprise you.


• Quick and easy mood tracking without writing a single word
• Add details by choosing from more than 130 events in 9 categories
• Save thoughts and notes with your mood
• Automatically or manually add your location to your diary entry
• Your mood at a glance: yearly, monthly and daily calendar views
• Drill down capability for full transparency: Navigate from a high-level view straight to the low-level view that shows all underlying entries.
• Find out what influences your mood positively and negatively
• Identify mood swings
• Fully customizable events list
• Setup Face ID/Touch ID/Passcode to keep your personal mood data safe from others
• Never forget to track your mood: Setup reminders that fit your daily routine.
• Random reminders: Set up a time frame in which you would like to be reminded randomly to create a new diary entry.
• Create a beautiful PDF journal out of your entries for printing, sharing, archiving etc.
• Unique beautifully crafted and customizable design
• No registration needed: Jump right into the app without any cumbersome signup procedure.
• No additional costs, premium packages or subscriptions – pay once, keep it and get all future updates for free!


Manage your mental health, happiness and well-being with Moodistory. Get closer to yourself and take the first step towards self-improvement: understanding your situation. Only things that are measured can be improved! That's why Moodistory helps you to understand inner problems, fears and concerns. It supports you in increasing your problem-solving skills by discovering behavioral patterns and triggers. Moodistory uncovers your mood phases and therefore supports you in creating your own early-warning system for mood swings or bipolar phases. Once you have a better understanding of your situation, you'll automatically be able to better cope with hassle, stress, anxiety and depression! Because Moodistory establishes facts about the history of your mood you'll feel more in control!


A mood journal holds very sensitive data - and that's why we made sure that your data is always safe! We take your privacy very seriously – your data belongs to you!
Moodistory saves your data only on your iPhone so only you can access it. There is no automatic sync into any cloud service. We do not store any of your mood data on any server and we do not share any of your mood data with any other app or website. No one but you has access to your diary!


Moodistory was created with you in mind. We think that keeping a mood diary is supposed to be fun, rewarding and easy to do. That’s why we decided to focus on a unique user experience that combines a beautiful design with easy accessibility and one simple goal: Make you love using the app.
We’ve invested hundreds of hours into design and navigation to provide the best usability. But we don’t stop here - we aim to improve this experience further and add features that fit your needs. If you have any feedback, feel more than welcome to send it to us! We are open for any feedback and are always happy to discuss it with you!